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Francois Odendaal Productions (FOP)

Based in Cape Town, South Africa, FOP specializes in ecological productions and is a sister corporation for Eco-Africa. Founded by author, film director and producer, Francois Odendaal, the company is managed by award winning photographer and documentary film director Claudio Velasquez.

FOP has produced natural history documentary series such as ASPECTS OF LIFE and THE LAST EDENS and is currently engaged in a new series called A LAST GLIMPSE. Clients for documentary films include the BBC, Discovery Channel, National Geographic, the US-based Public Broadcasting System (PBS) and many other international and national television networks.

Together with its media, graphics and IT support staff, FOP has served the multi-media promotional needs of many Eco-Africa projects as well as those of integrated conservation and development organizations such as the Global Environment Facility (GEF), the Secretariat of East African Coastal Areas Management (SEACAM) and the Madagascar National Parks network (ANGAP) to name but a few. Odendaal and Velasquez also run community-based film making courses and accept internees to help them realize their own film projects.

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