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Project: Cultures of the World

Drawing from our knowledge and experience of World Cultures we are working with world governments, agencies and businesses on an ambitious project we call simply "The Cultures of the World"

The Premise

Schools throughout the world study the cultures of other countries, but are lacking in material and particularly updated, relevant material.

A multimedia series with supporting materials in audio, video and via Internet, which could be translated to other languages, would help promote a better understanding of world cultures by helping put a face on the people and create a common resource to be studied. Currently, there is nothing like this available.

The Project
Creation of a multipart audio, video and informational series showcasing individual countries and cultures, showing the traditions, history and people of each region through the perspective of an adolescent living in that culture.
We will see how he or she lives and what the rites of passage are for children there.

Each country series will include history, religions, education and lifestyles as well as informative sidebars on folklore, food, customs or even buildings considered indigenous to that particular country.

The series will be accompanied by study guides to help teachers incorporate the series in their classroom curriculum. The guide will also be posted on a website, where scripts and web components will be also available.

The series materials will be sold to schools and/or educational systems throughout the world. They will either be translated to the language of that particular country and/or be used to teach English there. In some cases, the materials may also be used on television in that country.

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